Propeller Repair

We provide a Quality market leading Propeller repair service leading to a smother running boat, vibration free, with significantly reduced wear on the stern gear and with increased fuel efficiency.

We have developed trade specific manipulators, jigs and tapered dollies:

  • Pitchomoters, to accurately measure the diameter and pitch of a propeller.
  • A fully rotating Propeller manipulator, allowing the entire repair procedure to be carried out in the one place and can be rotated in any position necessary.
  • A fully rotating blade manipulator, allowing the entire repair procedure to be carried out in the one place and can be rotated in any position necessary.
  • Re-pitch jig, to enable a very high success rate and accurate setting of new pitch values.
  • Grinding and polishing stations.

We repair Aluminum, stainless steel Manganese bronze and Nickel Aluminum bronze props from the smallest outboard motor to larger props on commercial fishing boats and ferries.

A properly polished prop will reduce fuel consumption and a vibrating prop will lead to rapid shaft and cutlass bearing wear.

In 2016 we introduced a Hale MRI scanner to measure and annualize the propellers, this is the first such machine in Ireland and has made the whole process more accurate and verifiable.

Propeller Repitching

We offer an accurate and efficient Propeller re-pitching service. Pitch adjustments will improve the performance when a Propeller is not achieving its potential.

Overloaded Props where engines can’t achieve their desired RPM and are constantly overloaded can have pitch reductions to allow revs up and a much improved boat performance.

Likewise when an engine is having to be run at high revs all the time and fails to reach its targrt speeds a pitch increase can rectify the situation.

Pitch adjustments will often be required after the installation of a new engine or gearbox.

The benefits include:

  • increased speed
  • towing performance
  • fuel economy
  • reduced cavitation

We have re-pitch jigs to enable a very high success rate and accurate setting of new pitch values.

Propeller calculations are carried out with the use of a tried and trusted Prop Expert software program from Hydro Comp Inc., USA.

Propeller Rebalancing

It is essential to have propellers properly rebalanced after repairs or extended use to prevent vibration and wear back through the stern gear.

We use static balancing and operate a Dynamic Balancer from Dynamic Research in the USA bought in 2016 moving the whole process a huge step forward.

Propeller Sales

In the event of the alterations to the Engine or Gearbox being too great to allow or justify re-pitching, a Propeller being too badly damaged to justify repairing or excessive electrolysis damage We supply and fit new and used Two, Three, Four and Five blade propellers.

We supply top quality Nickel Aluminium and Manganese Bronze Propellers.

We supply free running Propellers and Kaplan propellers for Nozzle applications and also supply and fit Nozzles.

We supply Gori and Radice folding Propellers.

Stern Gear Sales

New Propellers

Propeller Nuts. Brass and Stainless Steel Prop nuts as well as Castle head and Nut&Anode sets.

Cutlass Bearings. A full range of Metric and Imperial Brass and Composite shell bearings are available.

Propeller Shafts. Prop shafts are supplied machined and tapered.

Couplings. Clamp and solid Couplings are supplied.

Flexi couplings. A full range of R&D couplings are available.

Sterntubes. We supply and install Steel, Brass and fiberglass stern tubes.

Stuffing boxes. Traditional type stuffing box type seals and outrigger brackets are supplied and installed.

Sureseal systems. We also supply and install Tides Marine Sure seal Systems, PSS seals and Deep sea seals.

Boat Repairs

Engine and hull repairs carried out with a full welding, fitting and machining service available.

A fully equipped machine shop is in place with Lathes drills and milling machine services.

Non-ferrous Metal Welding

We also weld non-ferrous metals such as: 

  • Aluminium, MIG and TIG. 
  • Copper Solder. 
  • Bronze, MIG TIG and Gas. 

Coded Welding

We offer a full MMA, MIG and TIG welding service from the premises in Rosslare Harbour and on site as required.

All our welding is certified. MIG, MMA and Aluminium cert’s available on Request

Projects include:

  • Factory ship and ferry repairs.
  • Derrricks and Gantry repairs.
  • Fitting Goosenecks.
  • Towing points.

Steel Fabrication

We fabricate both mild and stainless steel to your requirements. Operating with a 135 Ton brake-press and 3 metre guillotine with 16mm cutting capacity

Projects include:

  • Structural steel
  • Gantry’s and Dredges
  • Fishing Beams
  • Access platforms
  • Stainless steel Ramps and rails
  • Stainless steel equipment for fish and food processing plants
  • Stainless steel equipment restraint and industrial kitchens

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